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Our commitment

At Jardines we want our businesses to thrive over the long term and we see sustainability as an integral part of our ability to build long-term business success. It is not just about risk or ‘doing the right thing’, although these are important motivations in themselves. 

Nor is it only about reacting to increasing pressures from the outside world – although there is undeniably increasing focus on sustainability issues by a whole range of stakeholders, from shareholders and NGOs to customers and governments, as well as our colleagues. 

It is about leveraging the scale of the Group to really make an impact in all the communities we serve. It also involves aligning sustainability with our business strategy and planning. By pursuing our sustainability strategy, we know that we have a great opportunity both to add value to our business and to make a difference in our communities. 

Sustainability is a key priority for the Group and we are focused on putting it at the heart of how we run all our businesses.  The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it more urgent than ever for us to maximise the positive impact we make in the short-term in the markets where we operate, while continuing to develop an effective, impactful and value-adding approach to sustainability over the years to come.

We need to pursue an ambitious sustainability agenda in each of our businesses and as a Group in a way which engages our people, our customers and our communities and is responsive both to their needs and to the environmental, social and economic challenges faced by the wider world. 

Given Jardines’ scale – our businesses employ over 400,000 employees across Asia – and the millions of people across the Asia region our businesses touch on a day-to-day basis, we also believe that there is a unique opportunity for all our businesses to positively influence consumer behaviours and be a real force for good in society. 

In summary, we are working to make sustainability part of the DNA of the Group and its businesses and how they operate.