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Corporate governance

The Group understands the value of good corporate governance and its importance to achieving long-term sustainable success.  It also recognises the corporate stability that strong governance brings. The Group is committed to high standards of governance and has developed an approach over many years which both it and its stakeholders regard as appropriate to the nature of its business, as well as the long-term strategy the Group pursues in the markets where it operates. Having an effective corporate governance framework supports the Board in the delivery of that strategy and supports long-term sustainable growth.

The structural relationship between the Group’s companies is considered to be a key element of the Group’s success. By coordinating objectives, establishing common values and standards and sharing experience, contacts and business relationships, the Group optimises opportunities across the Asian countries in which it operates. Jardine Matheson’s system of governance is tailored to the Group’s size, ownership structure, complexity and breadth of businesses. It is based on a well-tried approach to oversight and management, in which individual subsidiaries and affiliates benefit from the Group’s strategic guidance and professional expertise, while at the same time ensuring that the independence of their boards is respected and clear operational accountability rests with their executive management teams.

The Group’s approach to Corporate Governance, together with copies of relevant governance documents, can be found below.